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Enterprise solutions for building highly available and scalable, based on microservices architecture applications.

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Why open source?

We decided on open source license guided primarily the good of companies willing to use our software. Thanks to opening the source code, you have an access to us cutting-edge technology. You are not dependent on particular vendors. Many problems have been tested and optimized by our community using this solution.

If you are a fan of open source, join our team and take a part in an exciting adventure!

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What is Abixen Platform?

Top reasons why you should choose.

Abixen Platform is a microservices based software platform for building enterprise applications. The main goal of the project is a creation of functionalities through creating particular microservices and integrating by provided CMS.

All you have to do in order to create an entirely new functionality is to implement a new, separated microservice. Now you can register it in Abixen Platform and start using by delivered configuration wizards and CMS. There is also an Abixen Platform API, which allows you to accelerate the process of new microservices creation.

Abixen Platform's organizational division consists of pages and modules. User with appropriate privileges can create any page and select a layout. Finally, add to the page instances of modules deployed on Abixen Platform. Each of the modules can have many instances, configured by different parameters.

One of the most important mechanisms built-in into Abixen Platform is own security system, which ensures a full control access to pages, modules and even the data displayed and used by the modules.

Abixen Platform delivers out of the box functional microservices.

Business Intelligence Service is one of the delivered functional modules.
This module allows to do reporting charts and tables. A business administrator can create the charts and feed it by a following flow:

  • 1. Create a database connection to one of supported databases (H2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL). Instead of database connection, there is an opportunity to use an excel or CSV file
  • 2. Create a data source using above database connection or file.
  • 3. Add a new business intelligence instance on a page
  • 4. Configure a chart series selecting a data source
  • 5. Set permissions for particular users' roles

Web Content Service is another one of the delivered functional modules.
This module allows to do articles. A business administrator can create articles in two ways:
  • 1. Simple Web Content (just fill out a simple form with rich text editor)
  • 2. Advanced Web Content (using structures and templates)

The spectrum of possible modules developer can create is unlimited. There can be e.g. modules showing data in a tabular way, modules of data entry, where users enter data, edit and present.

The main architectural emphasis was placed on the rapid creation of new modules. Therefore, an original architecture has been implemented based on microservices, which allows to create modules functionally independent of the other elements. When programmer creates a module, compiles only his module and his microservice. This provides a tremendous time saving comparing to monolithic systems.

Responsive Design

Use your applications on any device such as a computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet. Analyze your data from anywhere.

Modular architecture

It allows for flexible configuration of applications in order to adapt it perfectly to your needs, enables secure deployment and easy upgrades.

Embedded modules

Use one of embedded modules e.g. Business Intelligence, Web Content or create your own module based on microservices architecture.

Easy to Customize

Powerful mechanism of CMS allows you to configure your modules within the application and gives many opportunities for administrators.

Cost effectiveness

With the open source license you do not have to pay for an using of Abixen Platform. You are saving money using open source enterprise solutions.

24/7 Support

Feel safe being aware consultants can answer your questions at every time. We can also create and customize modules for you.

Abixen Platform Architecture Overview

Top reasons why you should choose.
  • Easy to create a new module

    Use Abixen Platform API to create your own module based on separated microservice.

  • Scalable

    Increase instances amount of microservices you expect a performance increasing.

  • Easy to maintain

    The modular design allows to keep your code clean and well managed.

  • Cloud ready

    Based on Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS. AWS compatible.

One of the biggest advantage is the architecture based on microservices concept. With loosely coupled components, it opens up a possibility of an efficient division of work between development teams and for a simple and inexpensive system maintenance. Creating a new module, a new functionality, a developer must not interfere with the existing source code. He can create a new microservice, being a separate spring boot application. Then, implementing necessary interfaces achieves opportunity to integrate the newly created microservice with Abixen Platform structure. Finally, a business administrator may use it over the platform. Abixen Platform supplies out of the box a few functional modules closed in the Business Intelligence Service and in the Web Content Service. This is a good example, how to create the own microservice. Mentioned serivces provide mainly visualisation functionalities, such as charts, micro charts, KPIs. As well as a web content management, such as templates, structures, articles. However opportunities to develop data entry modules are still opened!


Technology stack

We used the newest and the best technology solutions.

  • Modern

    The platform has built based on the latest solutions on the market, such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap and many others.

  • Stable

    The various technologies underwent a careful selection process in terms of their stability and reliability.


AWS compatible

Abixen Platform is fully compatible with Amazon Web Services cloud and utilizes the following services:

  • EC2

    Used as a base for hosts running docker in ECS Cluster

  • ALB

    Modern version of load balancer aligned with microservices architecture topology

  • ECS

    Container orchestrator and scheduler for all services running as docker containers

  • ECR

    Private container registry for docker images

  • Route53

    Allows to use internal dns names for communication between microservices

  • CloudWatch

    Used as a central monitoring and logging

  • Elasticache

    Used internally by Abixen Platform components

  • RDS

    Database store for all components

  • SES

    Used for email communication


Logging and monitoring

All containers from Abixen Platform send logs to Elasticsearch via Logstash. You can use Kibana's interface as well. All metrics are exposed on each component with Jolokia and fetched from there using Telegraf. They are sent to InfluxDB and are accessible on Grafana dashboards

  • Logging

    Central logging using Docker Compose

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring components running on Docker


Cloud connections monitoring

Integration with hystrix dashborad and Zipkin allows to monitoring connections and traffic between microservices.

  • Hystrix Dashboard

    The Hystrix Dashboard allows you to monitor Hystrix metrics in real time.

  • Zipkin tracing

    Zipkin as a distributed tracing system helps gather timing data needed to troubleshoot latency problems in microservice architectures.


The first released version will start soon!

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